Welcome to the World of Nova Diamond

Innovation has been the cornerstone of our journey since our inception in 2013. As trailblazers in the lab-grown diamond industry, we have consistently pushed boundaries, cultivating diamonds that epitomize responsible luxury. Rooted in sustainability, our diamonds radiate with a conscious glow, grown using 100% renewable energy. Immerse yourself in our exquisite collection, encompassing sizes ranging from 0.30 cts to 15 cts. Each stone encapsulates our unwavering commitment to precision, elegance, and ethical growth.

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Nature loves you, love it back

We believe a diamond that is created in a way that respects nature and humanity is truly priceless, and that's just what a diamond should be. Our lab-grown diamonds, ranging in size from 0.30 to 15 carats, are graded by top gemological institutes and enhanced with the world's most scientifically advanced technology.

To create cultured treasures of stunning clarity and perfection, we use equipment and processes developed exclusively by our scientists and engineers.

Our Promise To You

Nova diamonds grows conflict-free and ethical diamonds above the ground. Physically,
chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds.