Frequently Asked Question

Diamonds were first created in a lab at General Electric in the 1950's. However they weren't gem quality diamonds that could be used in jewelry. The process has been used ever since to produce industrial diamond for abrasives and manufacturing. Over the past few decades, methods have been perfected, but only in the last few years has it been possible to produce large white gem-quality diamonds that meet or surpass natural diamonds in terms of desirability and beauty. So while lab-grown diamonds aren't a new phenomenon, they have become viable for fine jewelry only recently.

Nova Created Diamonds are man made by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. Both mined and created diamonds are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition.

The most famous and brilliant natural diamonds in the world are IIA! The Koh-I-Noor, The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (Krupp), The Regent Diamond and The Star of The South are all famous Type IIA diamonds. Only the best 1 to 2% of mined diamonds can be called Type IIA. They are the purest and most thermally conductive of all diamonds. As natural diamonds rise toward the surface of the earth from the depths, they are usually deformed or form imperfectly taking on certain impurities. Type IIA stones are almost entirely devoid of these imperfections and deformations. All Nova created diamonds are Type IIA.

Our diamonds are created by replicating certain favorable conditions growing crystal carbon. A sliver of an existing Type IIA diamond, otherwise known as a "seed", is placed in an environment that contains a specific recipe of carbon compounds. The seed is then subjected to a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), wherein the crystals are formed from hot plasma in layers, like semiconductors. What results is a real Nova Created Rough Diamond with all the natural properties of a mined diamond.

Both, Nova Created Diamonds and gem quality earth-mined diamonds are composed of incredibly pure crystal carbon as a single crystal. Simulants may look somewhat similar but the material is completely different, with different physical properties. An Nova Created Diamond's refraction and hardness is identical to a natural diamond's, unlike a simulant, which fails to meet the standards. An Nova Created Diamond is a real diamond unlike diamond-like materials such as cubic zirconium, moissanite and diamond-coated materials, with a wide range of color, clarity, carat and cut possibilities.

While there is no difference between a mined and Nova Created Diamond, our consumer's ability to make an informed choice must be protected. Complete disclosure is ethical and also in the best interest of the consumer.

Natural and Nova Created diamonds are both composed of the same crystal carbon material and exhibit identical properties. The only differences that can be detected are minute differences in the crystal formation and/or different trace impurities. A Diamond tester will positively identify an Nova Created Diamond as a diamond.

To find a 1.0 ct rough diamond, approximately 1,750 tons of earth has to be displaced. Since Nova diamonds are created above earth, we use only a fraction of this energy provided by our own wind turbines leaving a low carbon footprint.

Yes. As a brand that is working towards widening the horizon of the diamond industry as a whole, our aim is to ensure that diamonds increase in value and remain the cherished and precious investment they have always been. With that focus in mind, we realized that it is through exceptional and innovative design that a piece increases in value. This is why we developed, along with a dedicated growing infrastructure, a devoted design facility that focuses on creating modern, beautiful jewelry that appeals to our customers with its new interpretation of timelessness.

Today's generation is increasingly eschewing a lot of traditions. But they are also very open to adopting a new kinds of luxury, which promotes and is aligned with their world-view and sensibilities. At Nova, we believe that design is a very big draw for getting these lost customers back to the fold. We want the existing customer to increase his or her frequency of purchase based on a high style quotient.

We have enlisted talent from many sources to design our jewelry. This infuses our designs with a fresh approach, a modern outlook and allows us to cater to a wide variety of tastes, instead of merely improving on what is already selling. We are confident that this strategy will result in high quality designs that appeal to the modern customer who is design conscious and earlier considered diamonds to be old-world and traditional.

Depending on the color and size, it can take between 60-120 days to create a diamond in the laboratory.

Nova Created Diamonds are graded with the same standards as mined diamonds and carry certifications from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL). It is probable that other grading laboratories will certify created diamonds in the near future.

With over 26 exclusive patented cuts, design options to personalize or customize jewelry increase dramatically with Nova. Our diamonds can be created in a variety of colors, cuts and sizes to fit a specific design or customer need as well.

Yes, each certified Nova Created Diamond has a unique ID inscribed on the diamond itself. This information is detailed in your certificate so you can always identify your diamond with the help of a jeweler.

Yes. Starting from 0.01 ct. to 4 ct., Nova Created Diamonds can be grown in a variety of sizes. We specialize specifically in large stones that can be a centerpiece for stunning jewelry design.

Yes, Nova produces diamonds in a variety of modern patented and traditional shapes such as round, cushion, princess, ovals, pear, marquise emerald and more.

Yes. Nova is part of R. A. RIAM Group that has over 85 years of experience in fine jewelry designing. The same expertise has helped establish the jewelry design arm of Nova. Our jewelry pieces are designed using recycled gold and 100% created diamonds. We are especially invested in evolving jewelry design to bring new excitement to the diamond jewelry industry.

Nova is the only vertically aligned created diamond brand that is a complete and exclusive solution for loose created diamonds and fine jewelry.
  • We have a well appointed dedicated manufacturing infrastructure where we grow our own diamonds.
  • We enhance desirability through our range of created diamonds that qualify as a premium choice for affordable luxury.
  • We start with a diamond seed and finish with hand set fine jewelry because we understand the value that design brings to our pieces.

In a world that was beginning to grow blase about diamonds, Nova is committed to rekindling the excitement of diamond jewelry. Through design and technology Nova aims to evolve the diamond into something equally loved, highly treasured and frequently acquired.

Our parent group has been creating diamond jewelry for decades. Our much regarded design house is creating an ever-increasing list of patented cuts that are the inspiration to create modern, aesthetically superior fine jewelry. Our pieces are coveted for their brilliance, design, aesthetics, manufacturing finesse and for being made solely with created diamonds.

Yes. Nova is headquartered in New York and has distribution links across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. This lets us create a broad range of jewelry for a wider, global and curious audience and incites demand for diamonds all over the world.